Sno-King Renton
12620 164th NE
Renton, WA 98059 
Phone: 425-254-8750


Due to current government guidelines our freestyle sessions are limited and must have coach supervision. If you do not currently have a private lesson instructor at our facility, please contact Heather Robinson for more information on how to book you or your skater on our Freestyle sessions.

September 14th to December

Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday 
6-6:30am 6-6:30am 6-6:30am 6-6:30am 6-6:30am 7:15-7:45am 
6:30-7am 6:30-7am 6:30-7am 6:30-7am 6:30-7am 7:45-8:15am 
7-7:30am  7-7:30am  7-7:30am  7-7:30am  7-7:30am  8:15-8:45am 
7:30-8am  7:30-8am  7:30-8am  7:30-8am  7:30-8am  8:45-9:15am
8-8:30am  8-8:30am  8-8:30am  8-8:30am  8-8:30am  9:15-9:45am 
Full 15 minute Ice Cut + Deep Clean Full 15 minute Ice Cut + Deep Clean Full 15 minute Ice Cut + Deep Clean Full 15 minute Ice Cut + Deep Clean Full 15 minute Ice Cut + Deep Clean Full 15 minute Ice Cut + Deep Clean
8:45-9:15am  8:45-9:15am  8:45-9:15am  8:45-9:15am  8:45-9:15am  10-10:30am 
9:15-9:45am  9:15-9:45am  9:15-9:45am  9:15-9:45am  9:15-9:45am  10:30-11am
9:45-10:15am  9:45-10:15am  9:45-10:15am  9:45-10:15am  9:45-10:15am  break 
10:15-10:45am  10:15-10:45am  10:15-10:45am  10:15-10:45am  10:15-10:45am  11:15-11:45am: Specialized Skills Training Classes
10:45-11:15am  10:45-11:15am  10:45-11:15am  10:45-11:15am  10:45-11:15am  break 
/////\\\\\ /////\\\\\ /////\\\\\ /////\\\\\ /////\\\\\ 12-12:45pm: Specialized Skills Training Classes
2:15-2:45pm  2:15-2:45pm  2:15-2:45pm  2:15-2:45pm  2:15-2:45pm   
2:45-3:15pm  2:45-3:15pm  2:45-3:15pm  2:45-3:15pm  2:45-3:15pm   
3:15-3:45pm  3:15-3:45pm  3:15-3:45pm  3:15-3:45pm  3:15-3:45pm   
3:45-4:15pm  3:45-4:15pm  3:45-4:15pm  3:45-4:15pm  3:45-4:15pm   
4:15-4:45pm  4:15-4:45pm  4:15-4:45pm  4:15-4:45pm  4:15-4:45pm   
4:45-5:15pm  4:45-5:15pm  4:45-5:15pm  4:45-5:15pm  4:45-5:15pm   
    Full 15 minute Ice Cut + Deep Clean   5:15-5:45pm  
    5:30-6pm: Specialized Skills Training Classes   5:45-6:15pm  
    break    6:15-6:45pm  
    6:15-7pm: Specialized Skills Training Classes